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"Eden Day Spa Massage Services"

A most unique experience, the Eden Signature Massage leaves the body with a centered feeling of peace and revitalization. Lavish yourself in a full 60 or 90 minute combination massage, using Swedish, Deep Tissue and Shiatsu Techniques which will balance your body, soul and spirit and can make valuable contributions to building overall health. The signature massage improves body tone and circulation, relieves stress and strain, helps the immune system, and promotes both physical and psychological well-being.
30 minutes: $65 | 45 minutes: $75 | 60 minutes: $88 | 75 minutes: $110 | 90 minutes: $125 | 120 minutes: $160.

Your couple's massage begins and ends with 15 minutes of private luxury which includes a complimentary bottle of champagne, a chocolate and assorted fruit. Make this tranquil settings your own and delight in a sensation that you and your loved one will always remember. This is one of our most popular treatments, please book early to ensure availability.
45 minutes: $110 per person | 60 minutes: $120 per person | 75 minutes: $140 per person | 90 minutes: $160 per person | 120 minutes: $190 per person

Utilizing classic Swedish techniques, a Swedish massage uses a therapist's caring hands to rub the body, increasing circulation and relieving muscle tension. At Eden Day Spa, our therapists pay close attention to every individual's needs and make every session personal and comfortable. The body is left with increased circulation, calm and a sense of overall well-being.
30 minutes: $65 | 45 minutes: $75 | 60 minutes: $88 | 75 minutes: $110 | 90 minutes: $125 | 120 minutes: $160.

A therapeutic technique that releases patterns of tension throughout the body. Slow strokes and deep finger pressure are used across the grain of muscles and tendons, alleviating tightness and muscle soreness.
30 minutes: $65 | 45 minutes: $75 | 60 minutes: $88 | 75 minutes: $110 | 90 minutes: $125 | 120 minutes: $160.

Lymphatic drainage massage is a massage which follow the pathway of the lymph, fluid found in inter cellular spaces and in the vessels of the vertebrates and around the body. Lymphatic drainage is a form of a massage that stimulates the lymphatic system with the gentle massaging strokes. The light rhythmical massage encourages the lymphatic system to eliminate metabolic waste products, excess fluids and bacteria. The effects of Manual Lymph Drainage are numerous and include general benefits to the nervous and muscular systems.
45 minutes: $95 | 50 minutes: $98 | 60 minutes: $105 | 75 minutes: $130 | 90 minutes: $150.

A Swedish technique that uses heated lava stones to intensely relax joints and muscles. This treatment targets pressure points with heat and replenishes your inner energy core. Heat also aids in decreasing inflammation and muscle tension. You will leave this session feeling centered and whole.
60 minutes: $120 | 75 minutes: $140 | 90 minutes: $160 | 120 minutes: $195.

Replenish your skin and spirit with high quality essential oils extracted from English plants and flowers. The massage deeply penetrates the tissues while the custom-selected aromas transport your body and mind to a place of clarity and relaxation. Unique essential oil blends work to heal the nervous system while soothing the mind. This technique infuses the body with energy and leaves you feeling vibrant and refreshed.
60 minutes: $98 | 75 minutes: $120 | 90 minutes: $135 | 120 minutes: $170.

Prenatal massage is therapeutic bodywork that focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the dramatic changes of pregnancy. It enhances the function of muscles and joints, improves circulation and general body tone, and relieves mental and physical fatigue. The gentle, noninvasive approach of prenatal massage can ease discomfort associated with pregnancy, help the mother-to-be prepare for labor and give her nurturing emotional support. 45 minutes: $95 | 60 minutes: $110 | 75 minutes: $130 | 90 minutes: $150.

Postpartum massage is a best gift for any mom! Your muscles have worked so hard and will most likely be very sore and tight. The muscles are working to get back to pre-pregnancy state and massage can help by reducing tension. Massage causes a flow of new blood and oxygen to go through the muscles, thereby releasing lactic acid, and toxins that have a tendency to sit and become sore.

The process of kneading and stroking of muscles is very relaxing, tones over-stretched areas, can assist the new mother in restoring the abdominal muscle wall, and it feels so wonderful! If you have delivered by C-section, massage is fine as soon as you feel like being massaged.

45 minutes: $95 | 60 minutes: $110 | 75 minutes: $130 | 90 minutes: $150.

Invigorating Leg and Foot Treatment
Refreshes and revives your legs. We use reflexology massage with the natural wild mint (mentha arvensis) used by Native American tribes for calming aches and pains. A combination of horse chestnut, eucalyptus and peppermint oil penetrate quickly to revitalize your legs and provide your homeostatis. A great experience after you have been on your feet all day.
30 minutes: $60 | 45 minutes: $80 | 60 minutes: $90.

The body is interconnected through many pathways. This ancient Chinese practice triggers precise pressure points on the feet to eliminate toxins and stimulate the body's circulation. Lotions and salts infused with lavender and peppermint help make your feet baby soft. You will leave this treatment walking on air.
30 minutes: $55 | 45 minutes: $75 | 60 minutes: $85.

Hot stones added on to your reflexology enhances the circulation process, as well as eases tired joints and muscles. The heat will go deep into your muscles to relieve tension and eliminate toxins
25 minutes: $65 | 60 minutes: $95 | 70 minutes: $125

100% pure, harvested from the Southern Dead Sea in Israel where the mineral content is the highest. This exclusive process uses jets of air to gently remove only the insoluble crystals that are typically contained in Mineral Sea salt. It contains the highest mineral content for therapeutic purposes. Soaking in warm water with mineral salt and rose petal relaxes muscles and tendons. It is also antibacterial and good for cleaning you skin..
45 minutes: $90

As winter approaches, the air is colder and drier, often times leaving your skin flakey and dull. It is easy to ignore your back when it comes to proper skin care, as it is a hard to reach area. Prior to your massage, your massage therapist will use a gentle exfoliator get rid of dead skin, leaving your back smooth and radiant.
30 minutes: $80 | 45 minutes: $95 | 55 minutes: $108 | 70 minutes: $125 | 90 minutes: $135 | 120 minutes: $170.

The Balancing Massage is a head-to-toe experience that provides deep relaxation, internal balance and improved body function. It places focus primarily on key joints of our skeleton that deal with gravity, posture and movement. This treatment will help with clearing energy blockage and improving postural alignment.
35 minutes: $95 | 65 minutes: $125 | 85 minutes: $155

Classic Massage is a unique four-hand technique combining head scalp massage and reflexology. Head massage relieves headaches while reflexology is believed to benefit targeted organs associated with certain pressure points. This unique technique reduces stress, improves energy and concentration, helps with insomnia, stimulates the Nervous system, and strengthens hair roots.
30 minutes: $130 | 55 minutes: $175 | 70 minutes: $195

The Meridian Body Massage is focused and integrative, combining both Eastern and Western modalities to serve individual needs. While some clients are looking for the powerful benefits of a full body relaxation massage, others need deeper, more focused work on problem areas in order to release stuck and stubborn musculature and fascia. This massage loosens up tight muscles and joints to improve blood circulation.
70 minutes: $125

Stress can come from any number of sources that can sometimes catch you off-guard, but its effects on the body have a fairly predictable pattern. The full body treatment benefits cooling down the body on a warm day or during hot flushes by back lemon exfoliation; revitalises and rejuvenates body parts; refreshes and stimulates the mind; decrease edema by hot stone work on low extremity; alleviation of swelling.
65 minutes: $125 | 80 minutes: $155

Corns and calluses are annoying and sometimes painful thickenings that form on the skin in areas of pressure. This treatment softens hard calluses quickly and makes the skin on your feet clean and smooth.
35 minutes: $105 | 50 minutes: $125 | 65 minutes: $135
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